Useful links

Conservation and Natural Resource Management

The broad range of presentations from the Natural Resource Management science conferences (2014 and 2016) are available here

Decision point, the monthly newsletter of the Environmental Decisions Group at ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions

Environmental and climate change (particularly in the past)

The Australian Quaternary Association home page which includes a regular excellent blog

Details about the Aus2K working group which is focussing on reconstructing Australasian climate over the past 2000 years.

Interview with John Smol and Jules Blais about pal(a)eolimnological research in Canada.


PAST: Great FREE windows-based palaeoecological software, for people not wanting to learn R

Software and methods for detecting regime shifts in climate (and other) time series

University College London’s laboratory methods for lake sediment and water analysis

Richard Telford’s great introduction to diatom identification

Demonstration of core subsampling using the double-L technique used on the Lake Suigetsu project.  See also an alternative from closer to home from Elyssa de Carli (Sydney Uni).

My videos of diatom preparation techniques.  These are not complete yet

Brilliant basic outline maps of Australia and Australian states

Environmental change coring videos:

Me discussing coring on Fraser Island

Videos demonstrating the features and use of a Livingstone corer (US Geological Survey)

Video of Cameron Barr and I coring in a wetland on The Cooke Plains (with me outlining the procedure)

Video of Craig Sloss demonstrating corers and augers

Some great blogs:

Australian ecology, especially restoration and woodlands

Science in general, but particularly climate change and its reporting

Wide ranging conservation blog from Corey Bradshaw.  Reflections on academia also


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